A Productive Day in the Kitchen

It’s shaping up to be a productive day in the kitchen for me – amazing what can happen when you actually have two days off in a row. I’m finally starting to make a dent in all of those tomatoes. Tuesday I was able to oven roast two trays of cherry tomatoes. Today I am preparing plum tomatoes for freezing. This is a four quart pot. I don’t take the time to skin the tomatoes, but I do remove the seeds. Even so, it took me over an hour to prep this many tomatoes. I don’t add much in the way of seasonings at this point – just some finely chopped onion and minced garlic that I softened in olive oil. That way the tomatoes can be a base for almost anything from a cream of tomato soup to pasta sauce.

Before starting on the plum tomatoes, I did get a loaf of bread started in the bread machine. I let the machine make the dough. Then I dump it out for a final kneading and shaping. The loaf is now sitting on the counter to rise one last time before I bake it.

Still on my agenda for today: I need to sort through all of the remaining cherry tomatoes for newly ripened ones and roast them. My fish order is waiting at the grocer in town. Dinner will be grilled red snapper that I’ll marinate in lemon juice, olive oil and fresh herbs from the garden. We’ll accompany that with spaghetti squash and the rest of the roasted tomatoes from earlier this week, and, of course, the freshly baked bread. The tomatoes I roast today are destined for the freezer. Maybe I’ll find some time along the way to actually work on a quilt and write some book reviews.

  • Saving your small Tomatoes (foodsaving.wordpress.com) – This is the wonderful blog where I found the directions for oven-roasting the cherry tomatoes!

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I'm the Children's Services Coordinator for the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in Central Virginia.
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