I’ve actually made some progress!

I’ve been waiting for some real progress before posting about this quilt again. Then I needed decent weather to be able to spread it out and get a photo. It seemed like the perfect day this morning. No sooner did I get everything laid out and the wind started to pick up. This picture isn’t the best. But immediately after I snapped it, the wind blew everything apart, and I had to give up.

All of the star-burst blocks are pieced and I’ve moved on to the center side blocks. The half circles are appliqued. The two blocks on the sides are complete, and I have just about a third of the innermost circle to finish on the top side. The space on the bottom is for the fourth applique block, which I haven’t started yet. It’s hard to see in the picture, but the sides are actually sewn together and attached to the center. As soon as I finish appliqueing the top half circle block, I’ll sew those blocks together and attach the row.

I was frustrated when choosing a background fabric for the half circle blocks. I didn’t have quite enough of the fabric I had planned to use. I wasn’t sure that this lighter fabric was going to work. The color is a lot less intense than the rest of the quilt. But looking at this laid out, I think it actually is going to work out OK. With a dark border they should really pop. Once this much is completed, I will have to decide if it will be big enough with just two borders or if I want to piece a border as well. I’m leaning towards adding a pieced border just for the design. But I’ll need to see it with a solid border first to decide. This really is a project that is being designed as I go. It’s been a real leap of faith for me to sew without having it all planned out ahead of time.


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I'm the Children's Services Coordinator for the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in Central Virginia.
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One Response to I’ve actually made some progress!

  1. Janet Eagleson says:

    It’s looking good now, taking shape. Even my untrained eye can see that it’s going to work out into a spectacular quilt for Dan.

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