Yes, I Am Still Quilting

Progress Sept 15And now for a long-overdue update on the status of Dan’s quilt! The pieced border is finished and attached. All that is left to complete the top is the final, blue border. Of course, I’m having my usual self-doubts at this point. Is the blue I have the right shade? Or is it too light? How wide should the border be? I’ve gone through this sort of doubt at each stage of this quilt. But I’ve learned to recognize it as just part of my personality. If I am perfectly honest, I am thrilled with how the quilt looks so far. Laying it out on the floor was a real “Wow!” moment. I’m sure that it will still be amazing with the final border added. Then I can move on to agonizing over the quilting patterns.


About booksnquilts

I'm the Children's Services Coordinator for the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in Central Virginia.
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