About me

Information is my profession – and my passion!

My route to librarianship was almost accidental. Faced with an empty nest, I began volunteering at the small library on our Army Garrison in Brussels. As I took on more responsibility, I realized that this was what I wanted to do. I looked forward to getting up in the morning to go work. Helping people find the information they want or need never fails to give me a thrill. I completed my degree in December of 2011. I am currently the Young Adult/Reference Librarian at the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in Charlottesville, VA. I’m an avid quilter, as you can guess from the name of this site. I work almost entirely by hand, so I can be slow to finish projects. I have been active as an adult Girl Scout for over 8 years. This site is my space to explore the possibilities of Web 2.0, learn new skills and share my musing on libraries, books and quilting. Click on the images below to access my various blog pages.  

On Living in a Digital Age

My blog about issues related to libraries, librarianship plus my thoughts on what I’m learning about being a librarian. My topics will range from Internet Privacy to Library Services for Teens.

Link for book reviewsWriting ‘Bout Reading

Read my latest book reviews here.

My Quilting Blog

Photos of past and current projects with explanations. I also talk about some of my favorite quilting books.


6 Responses to About me

  1. quiltfever says:

    Hi Angela, in case you did not see this quilt, I wanted to send you the link (because you are a library student). I’m only an avid reader but I’m thinking about making one!



  2. Renata Beason says:

    I have started working on Scenes of the Orient , I am missing part 2,4 and 7 do you know where I can purchase it

    • booksnquilts says:

      I purchased the pattern as a block of the month through Keepsake Quilting. I finished the quilt about 5 years ago, so I probably bought the kit a few years before that. I’m sorry, but I really don’t have any idea who might be selling the patterns now.

      • Renata Beason says:

        thank you for your reply looks like I will be trying to locate the patterns, in case you come across can you let me know

  3. Renata Beason says:

    I will be using my own fabric could I buy just the pattern for block 2, 4 and 7 if you still have it

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